Big Promotionfor Sleeper Tourist Buses Round trip Hanoi to Sapa & Sapa to Hanoi Just 6 hours driving /01 way. Save your time + Save your pocket Booking Office at 74 Hang Bac Street, Hanoi inside Kim Tours's Building Book it in advance by Sending to us an email : Free pick up at your hotel in the old quarter of Hanoi

Sleeper Bus Sapa from Hanoi to Sapa Schedule - Price - Booking - Daily Departure - Tourist Buses Photos

Departure Distance & Duration Arrival Time Price Booking
7h00 AM 350 Km - 06 hours 13h00 PM 10 $ /01 Sleeper Seat
13h00 PM 350 Km - 06 hours 18h30 PM 10 $ / 01 Sleeper Seat
21h30 PM 350 Km - 06 hours 4h00 AM 10$ /01 Sleeper Seat

Sleeper Bus from Sapa to Hanoi Schedule & Price - Sleeper Bus Pictures

Departure Distance & Duration Arrival Time Price Booking
7h00 AM 350 Km - 06 hours 13h00 PM 10 $ /01 Sleeper Seat
14h00 AM 350 Km - 06 hours 19h00 10 $ / 01 Sleeper Seat
16h00 350 Km - 06 hours 21h00 10$ /01 Sleeper Seat
21h30 350 Km - 06 hours 3h30 AM 10$ /01 Sleeper Seat

Sleeper Bus Sapa Vietnam Ticket Price & Departure Shedule

There are some kind of transportations that you could take to go from Hanoi to Sapa , viversal and from Sapa back to Hanoi . The most popular transprotation is going by train and by bus as well. Besides you can hire a motorbike to experience the long joney and so you shall have opportunity to explore the whole view and the Vietnamese people's real life from Hanoi to Sapa. Here are two bus companies that you can trust and book the ticket.

Sleeper Bus Sapa Offer many sleeper buses departed times for Hanoi - Lao Cai - Sapa andreturn direction with only 28 passengers/ Aero space Busses, small bottle of water, towel, TV and blanket included. The bus depart at different time in the day. It takes shorter time than going by train with reasonable price compared with sleeper train tickets.

Sleeper Bus Sapa Routes

What is our Sapa sleeper buses ?

With the advent of good technology, there are now special passenger buses that offer a very comfortable and safe journey. These buses are specially designed for travelers and hence, are very comfortable to travel in and generally equipped with all the latest amenities such as music players and LCD screens for the fun and entertainment of the travelers. Traveling from Hanoi to Sapa and reversal is a fun filled experience via bus. As it is a cheap, highly accessible and a comfortable mode of transportation. Also travelling via buses gives one the advantage of enjoying the beautiful scenic beauty on the way.

Below are some popular busses that can be found for your Sapa trip. AC buses: provide a comfortable journey allowing you to enjoy a pleasant bus ride to your preferred destination, unaffected by weather conditions outside the AC bus. For a comfortable travel experience, the buses are fitted with upholstered seats that can be reclined. Windows have curtains to block out the sun while some AC buses also play music or movies for entertainment of passengers.

Night Sleeper Buses: An innovative concept introduced a year ago, this type of sleeper buses are today the most preferred bus type for those who want to save time and quite convenient to take the other buses for next other destinations. Sleeper buses are specially designed for a comfortable bus travel experience and like trains have berths instead of seats. Each passenger is assigned a berth to sleep on during the journey. Most sleeper buses feature bunk beds with two berths each and feature window curtains as well.

Night Seater cum Sleeper Buses: The latest combination has resulted in the introduction of seater cum sleeper buses that offer you the choice of seats and berths within the same bus. A typical seater cum sleeper bus has two rows of seats that regular buses feature and in addition it also features a row of berths above the seats on each side of the aisle. Since the fare for a seat is less than that of a berth in a seater cum sleeper bus, depending on your budget and duration of travel, you can now opt for either a seat or a sleeper berth on seater cum sleeper buses.Come back Hanoi from Sapa by Sleerper Bus , you could do Halong Cruise at the same day on arrivel

Sleeper Bus Sapa Vietnam Photos